Monday, June 11, 2007

Power Outage

Sorry for the unexpected interruption to your normal blogging services but we experienced a power outage at the casa del sausaletus over the weekend. Specifically Thursday night to some time early Saturday morning. The power went out just as I in the middle of shaving my head which left me with half a head of hair and an empty feeling in my stomach. I was tempted to break out the scissors and the razor blades and go full on bald but, in the end, I found a rechargeable trimmer that, while not exactly suited to the job, served well enough. I was left in the dark, struggling to balance the trimmer, a mirror (to see the back of my head), and a flashlight in order to finish the job but it worked.

After solving that little problem, I was left searching for something to do since my daily routine is replete with electronic gadgets that depend, in some way, on the juice flowing. Thursday also happened to be the day, in my area, when the temperature shot up from a mild 70ish to a sweltering mid 90s. Which made going without the means to cool myself off that much more annoying.

Once it became apparent the power wasn't going to come back on any time soon, I set to work hauling out the barbeque and grilling as much of my freezer's content as possible. Stockpiling on ribs when they were on sale seemed like a good move at the time. Ate up all the ice cream soup, bought bags of ice and coolers, that kind of thing. I wasn't the only one, either, as my neighbor's were in a similar boat. It wasn't quite the block party under the stars that I remember from massive outages in my youth but people were out on their lawns and their porches or their backyards and so on. I gather that, in this area, the power can go out like that on a moment's notice so, if the site goes dead for a few days again, you probably know the reason.

Still, it was nice to have a break from the hectic pace of the information age. No internet, no television, I don't even have a radio that doesn't require some wall current (Something I really should rectify. On the other hand, my battery-less, hand cranked flashlight worked like a charm.) so I was really cut off from the modern world for a few days. At least at home. An unexpected but not exactly unwelcome reminder that all that TV and web surfing I do is nice but inessential. And, on the plus side, I managed to miss the whole Paris Hilton thing on Friday.

Having the power off, though, makes it hard to blog.

Or to frenzy. It's like the Power Company cast Soothing Images on me. I could have written things out by hand, I suppose, but then I'd be transcribing them now. Instead, I settled for just working on some outline material – character names, costume designs, that sort of thing.

As I said the power was back on Saturday by the time I woke up. But after clearing out the spoiled food from the fridge and taking care of some other household chores, it was time to decamp and travel for an aunt's birthday. After getting back yesterday, I wanted to catch up on my script writing and, so, neglected the blog. But, hopefully, I should be back on the horse now.

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