Friday, June 15, 2007

Script Frenzy: The Mage Roars Out Her Pains As the Winds Scour Them Away

Oh, fuck yeah. You ever just write a line and know it's a good one? Just type it out and lean back and go, “damn, I didn't know I had that in me”?

I mean, my action lines are probably a bit too lurid. A bit too prose-y. Not exactly what you should find in a script. But I don't care. It's my script, and I'm writing it my way.

But, man, I've written this scene over at least a half a dozen times. And it's never been right. It's always seemed forced, seemed staged. But now? I can see it. See the storyboard. See the camera move in and pull out and spin around on cue. The scene moves now. It hums. And it's all because I came up with that one, shinning jewel of a line to anchor the whole passage. Excerpt machine go, because there's no way I'm not sharing this one:

The MAGE screams or the wind does. It doesn't matter, the sound is deafening. Ear shattering. The sound of hell unleashed. Pure fury uncaged. The sound of rage. The mage roars out her pains as the winds scour them away. Twisting, swirling, bending metal and snapping bone. The guards are tossed about like ragdolls in the gale force winds. Watching them buffeted and broken, a wry smile crosses the MAGE's face.

Just picture the special effects. Just imagine the dolby sound just throbbing behind the ear of everyone in the theater, rising to a crescendo of pain and agony. Because I can.

70 more on the pile. A few more days to go.

Fuck. Yeah.

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