Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Want Some of This Hot Fire?

Hot Damn, but I'm spitting them out recently. It's like a blogassaince. Renablogging. Um, renaissance of the blog. Whatever. They can't all be golden. But it feels like, lately, I'm not only posting a lot but I'm posting better stuff. Not that anyone else has noticed but, hey, I'm happy for once.

Maybe it's because I've been working on my script so much. It's something like “write a scene, write a post, write a scene, write a post.” In case you can't tell, what with starting class and all, I want to make a final push to get as much done as I can this week before I get wrapped up in studying. I'm not far from being done – one good day or two should do it. And then it's just sitting pretty and dabbling with whatever I want, really. Might go back to an old script, might go on to a new one, not sure. I know I'm probably going to let this one gather a bit of dust before working on revising it, if ever. I don't know if it's any good at the moment but I know I'll have a better sense with some distance between me and it. Long as I get to “THE END”, I'll be happy with it, though.

Maybe it's because I'm not even posting everything I can. There's stuff which I'm not even finishing, although I could if I wanted to. It's crazy. Like, for instance, tonight I referenced a post I made back when I started my first class that I never posted. I had it wrote out and ready to go but, for some reason, it's been stuck in draft form for all these long months. I could dust that off and slap it up now. And maybe I will tomorrow because there are some things I think I could say better. And some things that turned out to be amazingly false with the benefit of hindsight. But it's not the only one that's been sitting there. And not the only post that just needs that final tweak before I'm comfortable sending it off into the internets. All of them.

I could go on, but I've just had an idea for another part of my script that I want to work out. Then, it's time for bed because tomorrow's going to be a busy one.

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