Friday, June 15, 2007

The Revenant Administration


Looks like I might have jumped the gun on declaring Bush to be a political pariah not just to, you know, people with half a brain but to his own political party. His visit to the hill might have kickstarted things[1], after all.

This is the teeth gnashing thing about this administration. You cannot, ever, count them out. Just when you think things can't get any worse, just when you think they've passed the point of no return and are, finally, about to be smacked in the nose by the giant newspaper of reality, just when you think the bastards have finally been staked down they find some way of popping back up. Rejuvinated, refreshed, and resilient to whatever slings and arrows have been thrown their way. They just. Won't. Die. They'll always find a rock to crawl under and hide that lets them skate through to another day. It's unbelievably annoying.

[1] - I guess I should say that, as regards the immigration bill, I'm not exactly happy it's back. I don't exactly care about the Mexican boogey man (If you ask me, the solution to the problem lays in making sure businesses are following the law, not in punishing the people who want to come here and work but what do I know?) and I'm not really qualified to delve into the real meat of the bill. As I understand it, it doesn't make anyone really happy and that's the only way it can get passed but the real outrages can be ironed out in committee. What I do know, however, is that this bill is Bush's baby. It's his immigration policy. Getting it passed, especially after he did the “statesmanly” thing and, gasp, actually talked to Congress like adults, makes him look good. And I'm not sure why a narrowly Democratically controlled Congress wants to do that at all. Especially as it just lends credence to the conservative talking points about the brown menace to the South. If it was me, I'd put so many poison pills in this bill that the President and the Republicans would have no choice but to strangle it to death. Let them be seen as the ones standing in the way of yet another public mandate and fiddling while Rome burns – and hammer them for it during the elections and with a more favorable legislative and executive picture, pass a bill that's actually good. But, again, what do I know?

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