Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Cornucopia of Warm Fallopia

Today was a muggy, rainy day. Too warm to be cool, to wet to be enjoyable. The kind that gets called “sultry” and lets the weatherpeople have all kinds of fun. But it's perhaps a sing of just how unbearable the weather has been lately that it was been a welcome relief from the heat.

So, yeah, me extra bouncy tonight.

We've just cracked through the hundred post barrier. It's my little metric for whether or not I'm actually interested in blogging or whether my attention is wanning. With ten days left in the month, I think it's a pretty sure thing that we'll be shattering my previous high water mark of 107 set way back in December. Scary thing, though, my pace at the beginning of the month wasn't anything close to how I'm cranking them out now. What about next month? Well, nothing like beating an old high score to get me motivated...

I think I have a nerd crush on MC Paul Barman. That's wrong of me, isn't it?

I mean, it makes perfect sense. I'm writing a fantasy script so, of course, my personal soundtrack has been jammed packed with the nerdcore lately. On permanent rotation is my carefully cultivated Pandora station named Cybertron. In honor of Optimus Rhyme, of course, who for some reason aren't on Pandora. But, oh, that's okay because I still have my Optimus Rhyme MP3s. Those see heavy play on my personal station as well.

How you might ask, if they're not a part of the Musical Genome Project? Well, let me blow your mind because I play them without using the Pandora player! That's right, you're dealing with Sausaletus “Two MP3 players” Rex. Actually, it's more like I'm surrounded by 5 machines capable of playing MP3s easily within my reach.

That sounds like something I could check, doesn't it?

Yeah, hold on...

Nope, I was wrong.

It's actually 7. Forgot I have my brother's old iPod – he got a mini for himself as a graduation present – and my personal portable is unexpectedly finished charging. Who'd have figured? Well, either way, I match my own fevered imaginings to the soundscape I'm surrounded with.

Anyhow, don't expect too much from me tomorrow. I may just surprise myself but it's time to shut things down here for a bit. Need to get into cram mode for my test upcoming on Thursday. I'm not really worried about it (Although it's going to be one of those where you earn or lose points based on the work you show so my tendency to be a bit...flexible with things like signs and intermediary steps will surely bite me.) but since this is the first test of the course, it's more about setting the tone for future studies. Get in good habits now, get a pad on the grade from knocking it out of the park on an easy grade, that sort of thing. But throwing myself into my studies means I'll probably have a bit of a drop off on the post count.

Still. Feels good to break the century mark. Feels better that I believe I'm pumping some quality stuff into the void between connections. Feel even better, though, if I thought they were actually reaching some people so, as always, comments are appreciated.

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