Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why a Good Cover Matters

Further proving Gail Simone is awesome (Seriously. I keep meaning to bring it up in my math class to see if my teacher can help me work through the proof that's no doubt been well established by the scientific community by this point. But that's only because that class is so dreadfully boring, y'know...). . Keep meaning to say something about Welcome to Tranquility, too. It's consistently great. But, you know me, I'd feel compelled to waste about 5,000 words telling you that. But this cover might have single handedly reversed my opinion of the new Gen 13 series (Which, admittedly, I tried and dropped after the first few issues.).

The Authori-teens. Priceless.

Sight unseen, just based on that one image alone, I'm sold on that issue. That doesn't happen very often and that's a shame.

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