Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Slinging Pixels

Lost power – again – today. It didn't last very long. Happened early in the morning. In fact, I was convinced it was some kind of crazy dream. It must have woken me up just enough to be aware that the power went out for a few minutes and came back on a short time later because otherwise, I was sleeping. Still, it was out long enough to screw up my alarm clock and dozens of other electronics – no damage just have to reset and readjust and everything else you take for granted with the power on. No alarm in the morning so I woke up late. Real late. And I've been out of sorts all day.

Yesterday's storms resulted in a break in the weather. It was absolutely gorgeous out today. Right in the Goldilocks zone. And it looks like it's going to continue to be that way for some time to come.

So, of course, I'm stuck inside studying my butt off for this damn test.

Going to class makes me feel old. Really old. Maybe it's the fact that almost everyone else is fresh out of high school. They spend their time texting away or talking about what party to go to or how they're getting home. Makes me realize what I must have been like back when I was in school. I remember talking to a professor at the time who said that the people who returned to school were generally better students. Not because they were smarter or better at studying or anything but because they were more serious about it. Because, having been out of school they knew what was at stake in a way a fresh faced 18 year old just doesn't.

I dunno.

Lots of hot chicks, though, and I'm not so old that I feel dirty about thinking that. I'm getting uncomfortably close to that point, though. And I'm probably already past it.

Here's yet more proof of my encroaching elder state. I have a patch of pure white hair in my beard (Why do I have a beard when it's fucking hot degrees outside? It's a writer's beard. Can't shave until I finish my script. Just can't.) and not just a patch of missing follicles as I'd thought. I'm not talking graying or slightly whitish. I'm talking skunk boy patch of vitiligo bleached white hair surrounded by dense fields of dark, lush beardly goodness. It's not very big but it's more than a single isolated strand. Just weird. It's right on the border between where my beard gives up on its trek down my neck so it looks like I messed up shaving or something. Like someone gouged out some of the growth. I've got that Irish, curly kind of facial hair so it's not very noticeable but it's there.

And, yes, I'm way way too young to be getting gray hair.

Test tomorrow. My previous confidence is fading after trying my hand at a practice test. There are just way too many points where I'm going “I have absolutely no idea what to do about this.” I'm really going to have to cram tomorrow. So, again, expect a light day.

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