Friday, June 15, 2007

Tweety Wants, Like, A Million Thompson Babies

It's come to my attention that in the bizarro world that people like Chris Matthews inhabit, someone like Fred Thompson (Now 30% more jowly!) are prime specimens of square-jawed, virile manliness. Possessing the kind of high-wattage machismo and rugged good looks that leave seats wet. You know, because they're so damn hot.

Yeah, I'm pretty sick of the innuendo, too.

But when I hear things like that I can only think of that quote about Washington being Hollywood. You know: “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. Holywood is Washington for the simple minded.”

Which I thought was by Thompson's fellow conservative manly-man McCain. But turns out I might actually be mistaken.

Still, only in Holyweird East does Mr. Mathews get to gush about Mr. Thompson's cologne without people thinking something is very, very wrong with their teevees.

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