Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA: Draft

That's a whole lot of guards drafted by the Pistons last night.

I mean, the poor man's Wade is probably a good fit for the team – Chauncey or no Chauncey - but to spend all three picks on Guards?

Mr. Dumars has done a lot of good things for this team and it's hard to quibble with the results but, really, if he has one glaring flaw it's the draft. Starting with Mateen Cleaves in 200? to the whole Darko fiasco, the Pistons haven't drafted well under his leadership. To be sure, they've had some good picks – like Prince and Okur (who's playing for another team now so I'm not really sure that counts) – especially late in the draft. And if you can pick well late it bodes well. But for every Prince there's at least one Delfino. Hit and miss. And with two first round picks in a draft as loaded as this one, thanks to the NBA's new age policy, they really need a hit.


Oden went first, of course, because sanity prevailed, I guess. This isn't Manning over Leaf. despite efforts to gin up some kind of controversy here, this was about as brainless a decision as taking James over Anthony in 2005.

The Bulls picked up Joakim Noah. Because another high energy player who can defend but can't score is exactly what they need in the low post.

The Heat got Jason Smith who really fell from where he was expected to go. But since he's not a Shaq who's fifteen years younger or a fresh pair of legs for Wade, I'm not exactly concerned.

And the Celtics managed to avoid the world's first SportsGuy liveblogged harikari by not drafting Yi Jianlian. Probably kept the suicide rate down in Boston this weeend, too. But just imagine, in some alternate universe they're pulling on their Odem jerseys now while Tim Duncan looks on approvingly having just led the team to yet another ring and... There, that work?

And, yes, I'm concentrating on Eastern contenders because that's who the Pistons have to get through first. And beating whatever comes out of the West is scary enough without considering what they managed to add last night.

Also, I have a script to write.

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