Friday, June 22, 2007

Work It Harder, Make It Better, Do It Faster, Makes Us Stronger

If you'll indulge me in quick anecdote (And, you know, it's my blog so I think you will.), once, while I was trekking through Europe during one particularly fine spring, my friend and I made a bet. We would each pick a song that we'd heard during one of our many trips to clubs, dance halls, and even apartments and we'd see just which song from our personal soundtrack would become a bigger hit back in the states. My friend, who was himself a budding musician himself, decide you could never go wrong underestimating the taste of the general public and went with Angela, Pamela, Sandra, and Rita. Yeah, mambo #5. While I went with Blue (And if you ever want a nightmare search, try flexing your google fu on something as vague as that song title.) by Eiffel 65. Because it was slamming on the dance floor.

I'm pretty sure my friend won that bet. As they were both hits but Lou Bega had the better success. Don't remember if we ever settled up but, if we did, it involved a night of epic binge drinking funded by yours truly.

But my point is that my friend was a musician who, presumably, drew on some arcane knowledge of pitch and meter to arrive subjectively but somehow logically at his conclusion. Myself, I've got the musical talent of a deaf stone. But the minute I heard that song, I knew.

Sometimes when you hear a song, you just know it's going to be huge. That it's going to be played on the radio, at the clubs, any and everywhere. Knew it the first time you heard Gin and Juice or Summertime that they were going to be the song that summer. Or the first time you saw that song in those iPod commercials. It was just primmed to blow up.

So, I was driving today and happened to flick through the channels and by chance stumble across this:

Even though it includes thuddingly awkward lines like “You can be my black Kate Moss tonight,” if that song doesn't become a hit single, I'll eat my pixel gun.

I don't know, maybe it's my warm remembrances of this Daft Punk song. And the related Robotech-esque video of which I'm also inordinately fond:

But, damn. I like that song. Mark my words, going to be all over the place soon. If it isn't already.

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