Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Verlander Throws a No No

Damn, did I pick a good night to watch a Tiger's game or what? Didn't get to see much of the Prince but that was only because Verlander threw a no-hitter (Robbing Fielder of a chopping base hit with a quick glove hand while he was at it.). He's the first Tiger to do is since the amazing '84 season. And the first pitcher to do it in front of the home crowd since Nolan Ryan in 1973. It wasn't just the heat he was bringing, either. He looked to be rocking a sweet changeup, too.

That leaves them tied with Cleveland at the top of the Central division, by the way (And first in line for a wild card if it should come to that.). And they'll be getting Kenny Rogers back shortly with Zumaya to follow soon. The strength of the Tigers is really in that pitching lineup, so that's good to hear.

Sweet game. Looks like it's a good time to be a Tiger's fan again.

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