Friday, June 15, 2007

Script Frenzy: Geeked Out Flow

I can't sleep now. I can't. It just came to me. The ending's been bothering me and my head hit the pillow. And it fell right out of my ear. Just tumbled right out. I think it did it. I think I just thought up how to end the movie. End it good.

Oh, if I can pull this off. If I can pull this off... I have to check it again.

Hold on. Hold up. Have to open my script again. Have to see it, read it, run my fingers over it and see if it's real.


I did it. I did it! I figured it out, I figure it out, I figured it out! Oh man, I figured out how to end my movie. It all fell into place. If I can pull this off, it's going to be amazing. There's a little bit of tweaking to do, I'm worried the third act is a little too crowded. A little too busy. But if I've set it up right, it's going to have been built to and all the action and chaos will be the pay-off.

Slight problem. I have to start over again to do it right. Flush that word count right down the drain. And I'm soooo close to the finish line, I only need one good push to get past that hump.


I'mma do it. I'm going to start over again. Again.

This shit came to me in a dream. This idea flashed into my head and I woke up and held it in there just long enough to write it down. That's destiny. That's fate. There's no way I can pass up the chance. Time to get my ticket punched for the crazy train again.

Because, yeah...

I can do this.

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