Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Script Frenzy: Healing Green Light

So, looks like the fundraising drive is on for the Frenzy. My own meager donation will probably be sent in the same fashion as December's tithe to the Office of Letters and Light. After the fact and anonymously. It being the holiday season, I also talked someone into throwing a few more dollars after mine as a gift. If I'd been thinking I might have done the same for my birthday this year but, too little too late now. Drops in the bucket, really, but, hey, every little bit helps. And since I want to see these sort of activities continue, it makes sense for me to try and fund things, if only by that small bit. I know this probably isn't going to reach many people but, again, every little bit so if you like encouraging creativity, why not throw a few bucks their way?

It sounds, from the tone of the above linked post (Haven't gotten the e-mail yet.), that things are a bit tight at the moment. It'd be a shame if this was the first and last Script Frenzy. But I can believe that disheartening future just might come to pass since in addition to the word count meter on the front page there's also one to track donations. It's up around $18k while the word count meter's somewhere north of 14million. That's about 800 words per dollar. Just over the daily requirement just to get to the finish line. Or, to put it another way. For every word written, someone's donated about a tenth of a cent. Less than a penny. I'm not sure how much money's gone into this venture but looking at the nicely designed site and the traffic – there've been nearly 8k people who've at least signed up and probably a lot of them, like me, visit daily, and everything else involved in keeping this crazy train running, it's likely considerable.

So, if you'd like to send more than warm thoughts and healing green light the Script Frenzy's way, let me just second the use of the GoodSearch the above post makes as a suggestion. Every time you use it to search, you drop a penny into the Office of Letters and Light's coffers. It's not a lot – to date, they're up to a staggering buck thirty five so far – but, picture it like this: If $0.001 is worth, roughly 800 words, then each search you make is underwriting 8,000 words of some, poor, penniless scriptwriter (Yes, you, too, for just pennies a day...).

Fill in the field on the main page once and you can add it to your browser's quick search bars, make it your homepage, whatever. After that, it works just like using Yahoo's search features. Took me, like, 30 seconds. I prefer Google but, hey, it's for a good cause. If you're like me, you make several searches every day. That's only a couple of cents a day (If even half the people who signed up for Script Frenzy, call it 3k, made just one search a day with GoodSearch for a month that's only $300. Only.) but, trust me, it adds up.

This afternoon, when I first checked into this, the all-time total was only around 60 cents. The more the word gets passed around, the more people who use this little service to do what they were going to anyway, the quicker that number's going to rise. Pass the word, pass the hat, and let's see if we can't keep the Frenzy going.

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