Saturday, June 30, 2007

Script Frenzy: Frowny Face

Fell asleep at the keyboard last night. Which means I'm probably not going to polish off my script after all. I'm going to keep working on it today but the chances I'll be able to write THE END are infinitesimal. Too much to do, not enough time.

Also, a quick check of my word count showed that - if you include last revision's version of Act III - I'm over 20k. Well over. Put it this way, in my "start from scratch" rewrite I'm up to a little under halfway of Act II and I have 15k.

Since I wrote that much yesterday I could try and keep going. But I'm still so, so tired. I'm afraid what I'm writing is drivel. I'm sure I could do it, but why actually do it?

So, I'm throwing in the towel and taking the easy way out. Validate the scraps. Move the goal posts. Declare victory and move on. If I had an aircraft carrier, I'd be landing on it right now wearing a flight suit. But, nope, all I've got is this:

A winner is me. Feels dirty. I really wanted to have a finished script. As it is, I've got a gaping hole in the second half of Act II, an Act III in desperate need of a rewrite, and a bunch of frantic handwaving to get through Act I - which runs way, way too long. Sigh.

Oh well, that's what revisions are for, right? I'm just worried that without the driving force of the frenzy behind me I'm going to drop this entirely. Which would be a shame because I've really taken to the script form. Hopefully, I can get this done over the next few weeks (The next couple days become a bit crazy since, you know, I've put off so much to Frenzy like mad these last few days). But if nothing else, I can say I won the first (And, hopefully, not last. Although the financial picture is kind of scary, you know?) Script Frenzy.

Because, well, take all the drafts and scripts I worked on this month and my total word count smashed through 20k some time around the 10th. Throw in all the outlines, notes, maps, character sketches, practice scenes, warm-ups, exercises, oh, and 130 odd blog posts. Message boards. E-mails. Letters. Class. Work. Everything else. And, yeah, I think I accomplished something this month. I want my prize.

Just wish it felt like I'd earned it.

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