Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Subpoenas Fly

I feel like using the Barracuda's catch phrase – you know the one. After that Fox News flap, though, and as I'm horribly white, I'll refrain.

But, damn, the House Judiciary Committee, under the leadership of Michigan Representative Conyers (From the Fighting 14th aka downriver Detroit.), and the Senate Judiciary committee, unare playing hardball today. In response to last night's e-mails, they've subpoenaed both Rove aide, Sara Taylor (Who resigned and is probably going to become the next household name in this case, like Goodling or whatshisname.), and the now infamous failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. Big fish, in other words. And one step closer to the real seats of power.

The White House is probably going to claim executive privilege here. In essence, telling Congress to stick their court orders someplace uncomfortable. There's no way they allow them to testify without a fight. Which means we might be heading for some court challenges and legal wrestling as the Bush administration tries to run out the clock.

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