Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The military industrial complex is a huge sector of the American economy. It employs thousands, turns billions in profits, and churns out weapon after weapon to use for defending our country and our liberty. And it spends money hand over fist in research to come up with the newest and best ways to, well, kill people. Fully funded, of course, by our taxpayer dollars (And the money they get from turning around and selling that equipment to other countries, of course.). So, all that money, all that brainpower, all those countless hours of work and research and testing, what have they been up to?

A gay bomb. Seriously? A bomb you drop on people that makes them gay?

I mean, how does that work exactly?

You drop it on the enemy troops and they're suddenly gay and then they're discharged from the army? Oh wait, that's us.

You drop it and they run around screaming “oh noes, I have teh gay on me!!!1one!!”? Because, you know, soldiers don't like those cooties.

They start organizing a pride march instead of marching on your positions? Because there have never been gay people in the military before. Ever.

They ignore the bullets flying around to make out with each other? Sounds like an idea out of Army@Love and we all know how true to life that is?

Just, argh. They're not making it anymore – the project was apparently shitcanned in '94 - but, at some point, someone in the military thought this was a good idea.

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