Friday, June 22, 2007

Brain No Worky Tonight

I don't know what it is but I'm all out of sorts. Can't do anything. Don't want to do anything. In a funk today, brain drained from all that studying and testing I've done the past few days. Probably a bad idea to take a rest instead of keeping it going. The exhilaration and exultation of yesterday have turned into dissatisfaction. Panic mounting over the looming deadline on my script. That empty space on my word count meter look insurmountable. Urge to write fading....fading...fading...

No. Not fade to black just yet. There's a week left and I'm going to do this.

But, you know, starting tomorrow.

Daily GoodSearch update: As of a few minutes ago it's up to around $10. Or about double what it was yesterday. Good but considering it shot up by nearly an order of magnitude from the day before that, it's not exactly reassuring. Could be at a saturation point for Frenzy users who've decided to adapt the service. Or, could be a lull. Dunno.

Also, the site's fund meter says we're up to $19.5k. Pretty good for a few days.

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