Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Under My Blanket

Our Iraq sockpuppets are now, apparently, ready to talk to Turkey about the Kurdish problem.

Better than sabre rattling and finger wagging. But, still. Scary.

I'm unfortunately unable to locate the precise quote right now but I remember hearing once upon a time something along the lines that people think wars are started by accidents, by incidents. That somebody shoots down your plane or slaps your diplomat at a martini bar and that's the reason why the tanks are rolling on their borders. But that's not exactly true, an accident is the casus belli, the rallying cry of the Lusitania, but not the reason. Nations go to war because they're good and ready. And all they need is that one, little rationale to raid the arms pantry.

Well, if you ask me, there's any number of people looking for an excuse to go to war and not enough looking for a reason not to. It could end very badly.

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