Monday, June 4, 2007

Script Frenzy: Winnie Was Hot (Progress Update Two)

The Script Frenzy site says that the aggregate word count of everyone involved – at least those who've bothered to update their word counts in their profiles – is rapidly approaching five million. I'm proud to say I've contributed just over 2k to that total. Or, roughly .04%. Which doesn't sound like a lot but considering there are at least seven thousand people writing scripts, means I'm actually somewhat ahead of the curve.

Or I should be. Like I keep saying, I don't obsessively check my word count. I know how much I had at the end of the first day – my biggest day of writing yet - and I know I've nearly double that so I figure I'm about 2k. I put that guestimate into my profile because it gives me an excuse to check in at the Frenzy site each and every day. Not that I've actually bothered to do much there but, you know, I'm trying to keep a toe in.

So, I have somewhere north of 2,000 words at the moment. Yesterday I added, maybe, 100.

Yeah, it was a rough night of writing. I just couldn't get anything done and what I was writing was utter crap. Not fun. When that happens you can either try and bull your way through it or you can throw up your hands and find something else to do. Yesterday, I found something else (Mostly, I fiddled around with my Pandora stations. 40 days 'til the music dies.)

Tonight, I don't know. I'm not particularly motivated to write but I've blocked out a big chunk of time and I'm going to hit the keyboard fast and repeatedly. 2k puts me exactly at the average pace of around 667 words a day and I can't be having that. At this point I'm contemplating switching scripts but I don't know.

Maybe I'm just upset because I've realized I'm doing “The Wonder Years – I Love the 90s! Edition

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