Friday, June 1, 2007

No Toggle Stance

For no reason that I'm prepared to explain, the following popped into my head tonight. What I wish some politician would say:

“I'm sorry, but I'd like to respond to that juvenile interpretation of strength. My opponent thinks I'm weak because I'm willing to listen to others. That I'm indecisive because I take the time to think before acting. That I'm wishy-washy because I'm capable of changing my mind. I'm not sure just what it is he expects me to do once I'm in office but let me tell you, I intend to gather the best and brightest minds around myself. Whether I agree with them initially or not. I'll ask them their opinions about the issue at hand. I'll listen to what they have to say and give it the due consideration. And then I'll make up my mind and move forward. That's not weakness. That's wisdom.”

Yeah, this culture warrior's on frenzy.

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