Monday, June 11, 2007

NBA: Finals

One word: Yawn.

I thought the Stanley Cup match was boring. But, man, I literally can't stay awake watching that stuff.

I suppose it's because I really don't like either team involved. It's hard to root for either and I'm not enough of a basketball fan to watch for the sheer enjoyment of watching large men put a ball through a hoop. On the other hand, I don't hate either team enough to really care about the outcome.

I don't like the Cavaliers in part because of the relentless LeBron hype. I mean, yes, he's a good player, stop shoving him down my throat now, please. But, you know, he's a really good player. But mostly because they beat my Pistons and automatically wind up on my “teams I want to suffer” list. But that's, you know, pro forma.

The Spurs, though, you'd think I could work up a good hate on. They're also on that list, having beaten the Pistons in the 2005 Finals. And they're a whinny, dirty, flopping team that's benefited from some really questionable calls and league office decisions. I really want to not just dislike them but to loathe them with a passionate, intense fury. But they're just so boring.

Anyhow, I'm told there was some actual competition tonight after I was lulled to sleep. The Cavaliers pulled the game close in the 4th only to fall short or some such. Not having seen the game (Watched the Soprano's repeat instead. You know, after I woke up. Har har. Yes, I'm running it into the ground.) I'm not so sure. The Spurs had such a huge lead I think they just lulled themselves to sleep – not just the viewing public – and let the Cavs back into the game. Once they realized they actually had to play the last 15, they clamped down and the game was over. Maybe I've watched too many Pistons games, though, but I think that's how Detroit was expecting the Cleveland series to go....

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