Monday, January 15, 2007

You Know, I Learned Something Today

Wooooooo! Just got done with my marathon weekend of PvEing. Next weekend promises to be one for the PvP, though, if the rumors I've heard about the changes to HA being tested then are true.

Anyhow, was quite the productive weekend. Capturing elite skills-wise, anyway. Didn't get much of anything else done. In retrospect, investing so much time into capturing elites this weekend was probably a mistake. I'm exhausted, literally, and I've seen the areas around the Sunspear Sanctuary enough to be sick of them. I drove myself a little too hard and I'm burning out. We're going to put the weekly review on hold until tomorrow because here's all I know at the moment:

  • Too much PvE warps your perception of reality. (I call this the "Sundering is kinda good, actually" theory.)
  • Cracked Mesas look awesome.
  • What the game really needs is a way to check the Hero tab at the character selection screen. Just seeing where a character is and what level they are isn't good enough - I want to check out XP and titles and things without having to rez in.
  • Having a green drop? Nice. Finding out that green is worthless? Not so nice.
  • The whole Sunspear Sanctuary/Command Post thing irks me no end. Why couldn't they just be one place? Or, failing that, why couldn't the Command Post be a map point to warp to. Make it a private instance, something like a guild hall, maybe.
  • Yesterday I Err 7ed out when trying to get into Consulate Docks - the lobby not the mission. Happened a few more times today. When I went to go from an outpost into an Explorable Area or vice versa, the game would drop me. From talking to various people and listening to the local chatter (Some people turn off the public chat when they go into town. Not me. It's like people watching at a restaurant and about as informative.) this isn't an isolated problem. I don't know what it is but it's annoying and I hope it's fixed soon.
  • People are going to start calling me "Pepper Mill" now.

Well, anyway, here's all the skills I grabbed this weekend:

  • Assassin: Hidden Caltrops, Shadow Meld, Way of the Assassin
  • Dervish: Avatar of Balthazar, Avatar of Dwayna, Avatar of Grenth, Avatar of Lyssa, Reaper's Sweep, Vow of Strength
  • Elementalist: Icy Shackles, Master of Magic, Searing Flames
  • Mesmer: Enchanter's Conundrum, Extend Conditions, Simple Thievery
  • Monk: Glimmer of Light, Light of Deliverance
  • Necromancer: Contagion, Ravenous Gaze
  • Paragon: Cautery Signet, Crippling Anthem, Cruel Spear, Defensive Anthem
  • Ranger: Burning Arrow, Infuriating Heat, Rampage as One, Strike as One
  • Ritualist: Destructive was Glaive, Weapon of Fury, Wielder's Zeal
  • Warrior: Crippling Slash, Decapitate, Headbutt, Magehunter's Strike, Rage of the Ntouka, You're All Alone!

As you might imagine some I was really looking for, some are gems, others are trash, and others I haven't even had a chance to try yet. But that's 36 elites at 10k a pop. As a better measure that's 180k XP or about 12 skill points that I otherwise wouldn't have had. I also figured out that learning a skill through Hero Skill Points also lets the character you spent those points with know that skill as well. So I picked up a few skills there as well as some non-elites with surplus points. That's quite a list of goodies to go over so I think I'll leave that for another time.

Outlook: My pillow calls to me. It sings to me of sleep. Restful sleep.

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