Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Still Not Feeling It

So, another day and not much to show for it. I'm just stalled on my writing and nothing's really inspiring me to get after it. Instead, I've been gaming it up which is nice and all but I do want to get things written.

Again, it's Guild Wars to blame because, if you'll read here you'll see that last night I was hoping to catch a few matches on observer and call it a night but I wound up playing until the wee hours of the night. Not only did that mean I lost sleep today (To the point where given the chance to write or take a nap, I took the nap) it's also not a good thing to do that before going to bed, I think. Some hefty PvP action really revs me up and I log out of the game all amped up with my heart pounding and my blood racing. That's not exactly the best mood to try and fall asleep in, you know, and I know I had at least one really wild nightmare because of it. So, not much sleep and not a good mindset heading into the next day. Yet, I'm right back at it today. Watching some things on observer mode even as I'm typing this out. Definitely some interesting things to see although the game's still moving too fast for me to pick up more than the gist of things.

Also, it got glossed over in the run-up to the holidays and all but the never-ending horror that is fixing my roof continues. It was supposed to be done before Christmas but there were some snags with the financing that delayed things to the week of Christmas. Then, it was a mix-up with the supplier and the permit that pushed things to this week. Now, what was supposed to be a one day job with a bit of clean-up afterwards is stretching into its third day (I'm, at this point, just happy anyone showed up). Now, I decided that it was best just to get the whole roof replaced at this point and only the back's been done so far. And tomorrow's it's supposed to rain - meaning the front (which is larger in area than the back, of course) might not get done until Friday. Which is just freaking fantastic as you can imagine and with the pounding racket of the workers it's hard to think let alone get much done.

Outlook: Blargh.

Still, tomorrow's another day and with any luck I'll be able to get some work done. At the moment, I have the option of logging off of the client and getting some writing done or heading in-game to find some people to play with. I'm picking the later for now so I'll see you all tomorrow.

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