Monday, January 8, 2007

Game On

Going to review early tonight because I'm about to head out to watch the big game. I'd have left already because I'm already late but I figure that there's going to be so much fluff before they actually kickoff that I'll gladly skip it.

Anyhow, last time I mentioned my, admittedly late NFL playoff predictions. Went 3-1 on the weekend, missing only the late minute win for Philly over New York. Next week is when it gets tricky, though, but I'll hold off on that until the weekend draws closer. As for tonight, I don't know. A lot of pundits seem to have switched from OSU to Florida. Mostly because they think the Big 10's bowl showing (Especially, sigh, Michigan's) means that Ohio State's overrated. Me, however, I think I'll stay with the choice I've had all along and that's OSU. Tressel's a better coach, even, than he gets credit for and I'll put my faith in Troy Smith to get the job done. He hasn't faltered so far.

And, yes, I did throw up a little typing that out.

I'll probably just end up camped on the computer snowballing it up, too. Then, maybe if I'm lucky when I get home I can get some writing done. But hey, a party's a party.

Before I go, though, a reciprocal link to Clamatius. He posts on the growing concern around the GW community about the current ranking system (Had no idea I was joining in on the groupthink there. But not really all that surprised as I've said before - complaining about the state of the game is a Guild Wars players favorite hobby.). He makes some interesting points that I'd like to respond to but, you know, beer and football are calling.

Outlook: The Buckeyes or Gators are going to win a national title tonight. I'm staying away from sharp objects.

[1] - 5 minutes.

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