Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where's My Pony? I'm HUNGRY

Ever since the late, great Chapelle Show went off the air there's been a distinct lack of things to watch on Comedy Central while I'm waiting for that night's Daily Show (Which, by the way, has been hitting on all cylinders since the holiday break. Just knocking it out of the park lately. Unfortunately, I've found the Colbert show has been misfiring. I think while the guitar showdown was a lot of fun the show's allowed that event to lead it down a wrong path – trying to top the ludicrous by being even more ludicrous. It's taking itself a bit too seriously and the satire just isn't as biting. Maybe this Thursday when Papa Bear shows up they'll have kicked the blocks out but I guess I feel like, at the moment, if you put the show on Fox News you couldn't tell it was a joke. That's not a good thing. I kept expecting him to tear Mr. D'Souza a new one last night but he left it way too subtle.). Well, some magical race of unicorns has been paying attention and sent the world a gift.

Tonight. 10:30 Eastern. You know I'm watching.

Hey, it can't as bad as Blue Collar TV. Can it?

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