Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ah, Nubbed It

Been wanting to write this one for a while. But I don't think I quite did it right. The general idea is that you couldn't have another da Vinci today because the scope of topics to cover for someone to be a “Renaissance Man” or at the bleeding edge of any number of topics is too broad. For one person, anyway. There's just too much data to absorb. And that amount grows every day thanks to the churning of the hive – simply staying current let alone getting ahead of the curve these days is a monumental task. And while the data one needs to process is ever growing the human mind is finite. And it hasn't gotten any better or any worse since the time of da Vinci or anyone before him – human beings are the same. There's just a lot more of us and a lot more perspectives that build to the understanding of our world. So someone can't hope to gain true mastery of a wide variety of subjects but they can skim over them and use that basic understanding to build something new – if, of course, they're willing to step outside of their boundaries every once in a while. If not obliterate them entirely.

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