Monday, January 15, 2007

Recovery Mode

Today I had my first session of class. It was...interesting and I'll probably talk about it more later on. But I think it's going to be worthwhile. The thing I'm worried about now is that I've managed to luck into a teacher who's not going to collect any homework - which, given how apt I am to backslide without someone kicking my butt (preferably me) I'm thinking is a bad thing. Ah well.

However, my dreams of a room full of hot co-eds were swiftly dashed (Which were nice. Until I realized I'm probably old enough now that they're more than a little creepy.). It's a mix of older students, like myself, there for a variety of reasons and college types filling out requirements. Sadly, not a desirable nerdcore chicka in the whole lot. Which, you know, given that's my first thought about the class probably says a lot about why I'm going back to school in the first place.

Anyhow, after my grindtastic lost weekend I decided to take it easy today. I'm taking a mini-break from playing the game. Just to clean the bad PvE out of my system. I'll get around to detailing my weekend and my thoughts on all the skills I caught soon enough. But today I just wanted to switch off that part of me that goes "GUILD WARS!!!! NOW NOW NOW NOW!!! You have five minutes, log in and play!" Because, you know, it was becoming just a tad unhealthy.

And combined with my nervous energy about heading back to school again I didn't get much done (Which, I know sounds weird considering I just posted more than some people do in a week. Butyou don't know how many posts died on the vine, so to speak, already today.). It was the kind of nervousness that because you're pretending it doesn't exist you find yourself doing seemingly simple tasks that you have absolutely no reason to and failing miserably at them. Like, I don't know, trying to figure out which pen you like best for taking notes. So did a lot of puttering around and a lot of reading and relaxing.

Rather than press I'm going to call it an early night, grab a bowl of popcorn and catch some obs mode all stars. What? I said I wasn't going to play the game. Not watch it being played.

Outlook: Tired but full of things to say.

[1] - 20 minutes

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