Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Really Not Feeling It

So, I'm struggling to get back into the blogging groove. For one thing, a lot of other things I'd rather not talk about are coming to a head. For another, I think I took too long of a vacation. But, well, I'm going to try and soldier on. Blogging, though, isn't happening as easily as I'd like but I figure once I get going again it'll come back to me. All the stuff I planned on posting over the interim went half finished thanks to illness and apathy.

I think the main culprit, though, is Guild Wars. I knew picking the game back up was probably a mistake. It's just going to consume my life and my free time again. It always does. Hopefully, I can maintain some balance this time. But I'm already playing instead of doing other things - like writing. And it's definitely coloring my thinking as you can probably tell from looking through the archives here.

As for writing, I've signed up at NaNoWriYe - National Novel Writing Year - just as something to do. My goal for the year is 1.2 million words or the equivalent of 100k a month. I'm not too picky about just how many words I do in a month or per project but I just want an overall goal to works towards because I think that will help motivate me. Now, that might sound like a lot but given what I did during NaNoWriMo, I'm pretty sure I can manage it. If, of course, I actually bother to sit down and write. With my sickness and the holidays and all I've really gotten out of the habit. I want to get at least 2k (Or one hour's worth of writing) a day. That way when I'm inspired I'll do more and I should breeze through my quota for the month. But I'm already behind and I got nothing done towards my goal today. I think rather than starting into Novel Two (Which was my plan. And then I was going to revise/rework Novel One if I had nothing better to do. ) I'll be better off doing a gaiden. A sidestory, if you will, that's related to but not necessarily about the main story. Something small, compact, and focused, that's going to be something like a short story. It'll help me get the characters set and by virtue of being simpler it'll be easier, hopefully, to write. The trick, though, is getting it to be challenging enough to be interesting but I'll hopefully have solved that one soon enough.

Also, there's my New Year's Resolutions to worry about. The big one is to get in shape. I've let myself go the past few years and I'd really like to drop some weight this year because hopefully I won't feel so tired all the time. I'm not normally one for making New Year's Resolutions, I guess I feel that if you want to do something you just go and do it - you don't need some holiday as an excuse. But, well, I've been getting all George Costanza lately so I decided to go for it this year. It's really more of a "To Do" list than resolutions but, hopefully, that'll make them easier to follow. Losing some weight, eating better, and exercising more would be the first thing to do, though. And, again, I'm not off to the greatest start as my rapidly dwindling supply of holiday candy will attest. Still, tomorrow's another day and I'm still getting out of the vacation mindset.

Outlook: Pulling myself in fifteen directions trying to find a way to go in again.

Anyhow, I could stay and post some more things or I could go to bed as it's going to be an early day tomorrow but, instead, I'm off to hit obs mode and watch some games. Maybe even try to get in on a few myself. Last week was Snowball Arena and that was PvP for fun. Now it's time to get back into the high-end PvP so it's time to study up and get serious.

[1] - 15 minutes.

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