Friday, January 12, 2007

For Quality Assurance please call 1-800-FRONT4ALL

I think I've been listening to way too much nerdcore. But music's one of the few things that escapes me. Just have absolutely no idea how it's done and absolutely no talent for doing it. Unlike other things where if I put in the time and energy then I can understand. If a bit imperfectly but I don't mean to brag and I don't mean to boast - just to front a post - but what's a passing familiarity for me is probably deeper than most people get. When it comes to things musical, though, I'm tone deaf and clueless. I think it stems from the fact that I'm not very mathematically inclined. I know I probably use math more than most people but it's all vestigial information remaining from a mispent youth. And, really, using math is a foreign concept to me and one that sits only in the upper levels of conscious understanding. Not deep in the depth where cognition really fires off. Because, when you get right down to it, I'm a very sensual person. I experience things through the sense and surround myself in a wash of sensory information. Especially music, love to listen to the stuff maybe because I can't hack it out myself at all. Just don't understand it. Nor, for that matter, do I really want to. If I did it would be a matter of intellect not instinct and whenever I listened to a song I'd hear the things like meter and pitch that sail over my head. Instead, music gets felt. From the rhythm that moves me to the pulse of the bass in my bones. Couldn't function without something playing in the background to provide me a tempo. Because I don't get it music is a mystical almost spiritual thing for me. And, if you will, the soundtrack to my life.

So, it occurs to me that if I'm going to launch the career of MC Awesome Sauce I'm going to need a theme song. You know, like Shaft. Now, I suck at song-writing, obviously, so I have to resort to stealing someone else's groove. It's that Fergie song which has been bouncing around inside of my head for a while (Personally, I get lots of songs stuck in my head but I don't think it's a bad thing. It's the only time my brain really sings, after all.) because if there's anyone these days that understands an infectious beat it's the Black Eyed Peas. Anyhow, you'll just have to imagine the drumbreaks and throbbing hook and all. As well as my caterwauling butchering of the following lyrics:

Sausaletus. Definition: Make those noobs go crazy.

Been back in the game just working on my fitness.

Obs mode's my witness.

I puts your Monk on knock lock.

And all the scrubs crowd round my blog

Just to read what I've wraught.

To the S.

To the A.

To the U.

To the C.

To the E.

Ye-ah. That's awful.

But you know what? I don't really care.

Cheers. Here's to killing my inner editor again.

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