Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Blogaversary!

Come on in. Sit down. Welcome to the party. Have some digital cake. We'll have some eye candy later.

Time for presents. It's our one year anniversary here at the Cult of Evolution. And, of course, the traditional gift is paper. But we're all about the ethereal electronics of the future here so, instead, we'll be giving ourselves a clock:

Why a clock? I have no idea.

Actually, I could do both, couldn't I?

That's right, it was one year ago to the day that I tremblingly stepped up to the mic and said "Hello world". It's been over a thousand posts since then. And, amazingly, I'm still here. You know what that means. Time to blow the bandwidth that I'm not paying for with a random video clip!

It's time to celebrate, baby!

Wait, I think I've already used that one. Damn, this is the problem of having a huge archive, I'm bound to repeat myself eventually. Well, that and I can never find what I'm looking for.. Okay, take two.

Well, that's certainly random enough. And, um, yeah, I birthed this blog and all

Okay, now I'm just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Here's another.

That's the band name, not the song!

Maybe something in memory of my trip up north, eh?

Oh, man, that's really Geddy Lee...

I'm a bit stuck here, maybe I need a cure for what ails me?

Maybe somethign accostic?

Getting closer. Ah, now here's what I'm looking for:

Something upbeat.

Because we're in the mood for a party.

Because it's a celebration. And we want to close out the year with a bang.


Brinstar said...

Happy bloggy birthday!

Sausaletus Rex said...

Thank you kindly.

I'm as anyone that I'm still around but, you know, it feels good.