Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wolverines Blogging: Okay, Carr Can Keep His Head

You know, I was just kidding with that last post's title. I'm not one of those people who've been calling for Carr to step down all season long. On the contrary, I think he's more than earned the ability to go out on his own terms. But all the talk heading into this weekend's game is that Lloyd is going to announce his retirement shortly afterwards. I'll believe it when I see it even though I do understand that coach Carr doesn't want to end up stalking the sidelines as a hunched over old man like a Patrino or a Bowden.

I don't know. Just one more reason, I guess, why I'm not as into this weekend's game as I have been in past years. It's evidently a big game. It's undeniably against the most hated of rivals. But I just can't get too enthusiastic about it. Just too much baggage and too much going on this month, I guess. But it also just feels...odd. The stakes haven't been this low for a long time now. There's no sense of urgency about it all. The season's a mess either way. And it's hard to think that even beating the Buckeyes would fix that.

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