Monday, November 12, 2007

Guild Wars: A Necessary Feature

It occurs to me that certain forums really need an Ensign tracker. Mark his poss out as special somehow, just how developer posts are given special status. Whether it's a fancy font or a choir of exuberant cherubs blaring from your speakers to announce that wisdom has descended from the heavens and landed before you by some mishap of fate. Because, really, I'm sick of wading through crap like this to get to the parts where he tells me what to think. Seriously, if it's possible for your brain cells to commit suicide, I think whichever ones were allocated to contemplating LoD as energy management just wrote a long, moving letter and jumped in the bath with a toaster.

Edited to add:

Huh, no sooner do I unleash my long planned hit piece on Chuck's ego than does he get a fluffing from pal Billiard (Apparently taking a break from the company slow-pitch team.) in the latest State of the Week feature. He and the I-Man get interviewed about balance. Sadly, it's not up to Ensign's sublime past standards.

No, really, I like tihs kind of article and I wish they had plenty more of it. Makes me long for the days of arranging chats and roundtables. Not because I miss the work involved but because I think there's a lot of value in opening up this sort of conversation. In letting people into that selective Gang of 30, the PvP tong, that Izzy relies on for advice. They're not the cool kids table, they're just the passionate and informed who happen to have the right connections. But letting them communicate their motives and desires is, I think, the best way to assuage those fears of elitism.

Oh, and I guess there are some offers on the front page of the official site, too. Yet another free trial to give away and a holiday discount. If you happen to pick up GW:EN for a present you'll get 50% off on any other campaign. Which is a good thing since you need those to play GW:EN in the first place. Also, online store only. But, hey, it's more money in the developers' pockets that way.

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