Friday, November 30, 2007

Guild Wars: Skill Update 11/29

In addition to adding the bonus pack content, today's patch also saw a few choice skill updates as well. Let's review.

They've fixed a few bugs such as the one that made Magebane super awesome and the one that kicked Black Lotus Strike in the pants after it was done egging its house - when changing it to a lead strike, it was supposed to only proc energy when a target was hexed but however they wound up the code said it would still completely fail if the target wasn't hexed instead of of landing a hit without returning energy.

There were also some fixes to Mesmer skills. Clumsiness took a hard nerfing which is probably for the best. Empathy does more damage. I could care less. Overload, too. My apathy knows no bounds. And the PvE only skill Cry of Pain got a marginally quicker recharge time. That sound of distant crickets you hear represents my interest level.

The juicy stuff here, though, are the changes to Sins. Which, again, are probably going to lead to no end of QQing from the people who just. don't. get. it. And believe their overpowered shit makes the game better for everyone and not just them. But, yes, Shadow Prison's finally been killed. It's now only marginally better than Dark Prison - the big difference being 5 seconds of recharge time. Took them long enough, if you ask me, although I think one or the other will need changing because, as of now, they're basically duplicates. Also, Paradox took another nerf, increasing its energy. Deadly Paradox is just one of those problematic skills that crops up in degenerate build after degenerate build and, really, probably never should have been made. The current problem was the Deadly Arts/Signet sins that were running around Arenas and being silly. Now they just don't have enough to run their bars effectively.

All in all, a good set of targeted nukes to some problematic stuff that's been plaguing the game overlong. And some bizarre upticks to skills that don't matter. Now, if they could just fix the lack of effective party-wide healing, things would really be looking up.

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