Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mythos: Okay, Okay, I'm Writing Already!

Still have not been able to log into Mythos. I'm not the only one and, at this point, although I really should get around to posting that bug report I wrote up I'm not doing anything but waiting for things to change. Fresh out of ideas about what could fix it at this point short of dismantling my router or climbing outside and plugging my computer directly into the cable line.

Which is a shame since I'd really like to be playing or at least to know that I could be playing while I try and work on other things. The game looks awesome. As it is, I can't even log in so I'm left dreaming about what sort of characters I'd like to make. There are three, the Gadgeteer, the Bloodletter, and the Pyromancer. Three races, too, Human, Gremlin (think Gnome), and Satyr (think Elf) but they seem largely a cosmetic choice.

I gather the going flavor are Gadgeteers specced to Marksmanship (Each class has three skill trees with six levels you can invest in. I'm sure it'll eventually work out to it being best to spread around to a few but, at the moment, it seems best to just plunge completely into your favorite one.). That means you get a nice, big boomstick to lug around. They're supposed to be one-hit wonders. In the good way.

But I think I'd still like to start off with the Bloodletter which is the melee class. Sorta. They're a bit outside the normal tanker/nuker/healer box here which I, for one, find refreshing. But the Bloodletter looks to be the Strength based class who's the best bet to wander up to the enemy and start beating them about the head until they fall down. I'm a simple man with simple pleasures, you know.

Really, I want to try them all and I probably will eventually. If, of course, I can ever actually get into the damn game.

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