Friday, November 23, 2007

Reflex Tester aka This Is Why I Don't Mesmer

(Tip of the Lieutenant's Helm to Van Hemlock. Who has an awesome site, by the way, if I had a blogroll it'd be on it. I really should have a blogroll again...)

This is an immensely fun waste of time. A twitch game with all the extraneous crap removed.

By the way, I score around the wrong side of 200 which puts me right around average according to the site's statistics - I have to believe there's something of a self-selection error at work there, though. And, generally, on the days I've tried it, put me in the daily top 100. Around the 70~90 range but, still.

I'm actually a bit disappointed by those results since I think it's yet further proof of my physical and mental deterioration. I can consistently get below 200 into the 180~190 range but there's always that one result that's way higher to throw my average off. Interestingly, that's usually the first click. And I also tend to do better the faster the box turns green - the longer I have to wait, the more likely I am to space out and miss the change for a precious tick. But I have this nagging suspicion that if I'd tried five years ago or even last year that I'd have done much better.

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