Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Blargh. Backles.

Oh well, so much for unmentioned new blogging year's resolution to post at least once a day, every day. Strangely enough, it wasn't my legendary unreliability or epic apathy which cost me my weeks old streak of unbroken posting. Instead, it was my ISP. My internet went out sometime on Monday and has only recently been fully restored after much jiggling and wiggling of the cabled connections of my makeshift network (Sure, if I'd really wanted to I could have found a way to get online, somehow, and post. But you have to understand I'm really, really lazy.). I was seriously worrying that I wouldn't be able to validate my word count as NaNo drew to a close. My own novel is still uncompleted but, dammit, I've written more than enough to get my prize this month, especially with everything that's tried to keep me from that goal.

Anyhow, a day full of catching up with missed e-mails and messages, checking in on sites, and everything else that I wasn't able to do while I was briefly excluded from the electronic wonderland that the magic cable brings into my home has left me drained.

I also made the mistake of turning on the Republican debate (Since the Dem's primary is screwed, I figure I'd cross the aisle, suck it up, hold my nose, and pull the lever for that mythical "least objectionable" choice. That or try and royally screw them over. But I have to at least know who the candidates are so it's research time.) for all of about five minutes before my brain recoiled in horror. This? This?!? This is the best the Republicans have to offer? Millions of people are going to vote for whichever empty suit comes out of that dogpile of shame and mendacity? Jesus wept and Shiva ran away with the tears.

I'll try and see about getting some actually content up tomorrow. For now, though, here, our current mission statement:

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