Thursday, November 22, 2007

NFL Blogging: Turkey Game

Woke up this morning and the ground was covered with a light dusting of snow. It seems to have melted by now, leaving the world soggy and moist. But it was still enough for me to take a pass on standing around and watching people walk past you - otherwise known as a parade.

Instead, I've been reading up on this afternoon's game. Trying to find some factoid or statistic to damp down my growing enthusiam. Because, you know, it's the Lions and when you think they're going to win, and the pundits think they have a shot at winning, and everyone's picking them to win, that's exactly when they go out and lose by 30. They're the Dream Crushers. It's what they do.

Still, haven't found it yet. They match-up with the Pack fairly well. Detroit has only lost once at home, the Packers undefeated on the road. Green Bay's a bit more efficient, a bit more prolific, and a bit better on defense. But the homefield advantage probably wipes most of that away. The knock on the Farve Boys is that they can't run but, well, neither can the Lions apparently. With both teams being fairly stout in run defense I expect a lot of passing in this game.

Again, though, I think the biggest problem with the team the past few games has been how quickly they've abandoned the run in favor of pass wackiness. If they can get some yards on the ground today, I think they stand a good chance. Especially if they can avoid the turnover-itis that's been plaguing the team lately.

Either way, though, it's should be a nice game to watch. For once.

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