Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guild Wars: Sinking to Their Level

It's been said before but some people really need to learn how to play the game.

Look, yes, your pet build just got nerfed. You can't minion mash your way through PvE tombs or brainlessly trap to farm ectos. The crap you've been abusing to get your lumps in on the AI no longer works. The world is not ending. There is something called a skills tab. You can open it up and put brand new ones onto your bar. You can copy and paste another template and save it on your character. If you can't grasp that Guild Wars will require you to change what you're doing every so often then you're really playing the wrong game. Being flexible, able to customize and respecc at the drop of the hat, is only the core of the goddamn game you horrible PvE scrub. I WILL FIND YOU! YOU WILL DIE IN A FIRE AND NO ONE WILL COME TO YOUR GRAVE!!!

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