Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Wright Stuff?

The talk about the Wright issue coming back to haunt Obama is, to me, a non-starter.

So what? So the Republicans are going to try to connect him with an angry black preacher and make hay out of the racial divide. That's not something to be scared of. That's something to be confident you can grind into a fine powder and throw back in your enemy's face.

If that's not a conversation that the Democrats can win, if that's the thing that keeps Obama out of the White House, then they don't deserve to gain the presidency anyways. You have to win that battle because it speaks to the core values that the party could and should hold.

If the American people aren't buying that then a) the system is truly, fundamentally broken and there's no hope and b) no amount of wishy-washy double-backing is going to convince them to make that purchase anyways.

In short, it's not something to run from. It's something to gear up for. Get out of the crouch and start counter-punching.

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