Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MLB Blogging: Mewling Roar

After getting fat off of the Twins, with a mighty outburst of offensive fireworks the likes of which will no doubt have pitchers shaking in their boots for games to come, the Tigers have doubled their win total. Of course, that just means they've run their record to a pathetic 4-10. One more and they'll have won a third of their games! Yeah, I think I'll keep my seat off the bandwagon.

And, yeah, yeah, competition. They've played the Royals who are surprisingly strong. The White Sox who are going to contend for their division. And the Red Sox who are going to contend for another title. The odd team out is Minnesota who while not exactly being pushovers aren't exactly world-beaters, either. Not doing well against teams of that calibre is understandable. But, the thing is, if the Tigers want to compete those are the teams they need to be beating. It's one thing to feast on the bottom-feeders but if they want to be an elite team they have to, well, beat good teams. They're not so far.

It doesn't get any easier with the Indians coming up for their next series. Like the Tigers they've been struggling but, especially with Willis out and a new, inexperienced pitcher in the line-up it's a bad time to be going up against another divisional rival - doing poorly against Cleveland is, in no small part, what kept Detroit out of the postseason last year.

Update: Huh, the Tigers shelled the Indians tonight. Chasing Sabathia by the 5th. Maybe they really have figured it out. But they're still dug themselves a mighty hole to climb out of.

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