Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sports Blogging: Why Detroit Sports Fans Are Spoiled

Tonight, the Red Wings begin their post-season campaign. (After last night's games my predictions are already not looking so hot. I still maintain the Sens are going to pull it together and become revived in the post-season but it sure didn't look like it yesterday. Still, that's only one game and the Pens have been strong at home, we'll see if a series is going to break out when it heads to Canada's capitol - again, I'm really going out on a limb here, relying on the pressure cooker of tense games to pull together a dysfunctional team. I'm more concerned with the Sharks loss but not overly much since the Sharks have traditionally dropped one or two early games. But the doubts linger especially since the Sharks really should have had that game.)

The Pistons are playing out the final few games before the playoffs begin - they've been locked into the #2 seed for a while now and the only real question left is whom they'll face. (At the moment it's Toronto but it could be Philly or even Washington - who've done well against the Pistons this year. Either way, because of the bracket system in the NBA playoffs it means they're in for a relatively smooth ride to the conference finals while Boston, the #1 seed faces a road through both Cleveland and Detroit if they want to play whoever comes out of the West - and who can tell this year? Detroit, on the other hand, likely only has to get past one of those two.)

Even the Tigers aren't looking so bad now that they've finally put one in the win column. (Which, yeah, I know, they've been up against the Royals and both flavored Sox. But no team that's started 0-7 has ever won the World Series. The odds are extremely against a team with an 0-5 start even making the playoffs. It's been hammered home in the media lately so I won't belabor the point but I was aware of those little factoids heading into the season and that's been what I've been worried about. Hopefully, the offense has woken up from its slumber and the starting pitching has worked out its kinks and they can start rolling off some more. Not all is well, of course, but at least it's no longer completely awful. Really glad they didn't get rid of Inge now since he has, roughly, a third of the team's RBIs at this point.)

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