Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Script Frenzy: Update the Last

It's over, it's done. Stick a fork in me. There are still a few more hours left in the day but I've reached a good milestone so I'm going to call it a month. And, having twelve full issues, a further six in roughed out stage, and sixteen four page back-ups done, I think I'll call it a good month, too.

Having converted my latest output to PDF form my grand total is 432 pages. That's 5 pages for each 4 page back-up and an average of around 27~29 for each issue. As I expected, my verbose writing style meant that I have far more pages of text than each issue would actually contain - by about 20%. I guestimate that I'd have to write another 75~100 pages to finish my maxi-series of a planned 18 issues that morphed into one a double sized issues and a special. In other words, the equivalent of 20 issues each 22 pages long. 440 pages of completed work which would take me about 528 if my 20% additional page rate held up. That's just no going to get done in the next several hours.

But what is done is a rough sketch of each issue, the last of which I just put to bed a short while ago. Not every issue is completely done but they all have enough that it wouldn't take me all that long to work the rest out. Same goes for the back-ups. And, at 432 pages, I'm close enough to that 440 mark that I can feel like I could.

Also, looking at the front page I see that there have been 129,000 pages submitted by nearly 8,000 writers. An impressive increase over yesterday's total - must be a wave of last-minute validation happening which is nice to see. But it also means that each writer has contribute an average of 16 pages. In other words, my 432 page total is 27 times the average. I'm making up for 26 slackers. I think that's doing my fair share.

It's been a wild, exhausting ride but one that I'm glad I decided to take. Because now, I can proudly display this:

But, now, it's time to hit the toggle switch and give it a rest. At least...until November.

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