Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kongai: Forum Foryue Foreveryone

The diefic David Sirlin whose apotheosis no doubt draws nigh - all hails and hosanas now for we shall miss him once he has ascended to his rightful place at the right hand of the gaming gods - is one of the people behind Kongai. And Kongai is, again, a delectable sampling of three flavors of awesome sauce with a niftiness chaser.

He's also a pretty swell guy. One who's decided to set up a board for the discussion of Kongai over at his forums. It's young yet but already those who've grown tired of the restrictive nature of having to type their missives out one thousand characters - character not words, mind - at a time (Hi! Howya doin'?) are making their way there. And making their impressions felt.

Since it's a public forum rather than one reserved solely for those in the beta test, it's still a bit up in the air what can and can't be talked about. So I, for one, am holding back (And not just because I have to, you know, Frenzy and keep a roof over my head. Having food to eat is nice, too.) and keeping my powder dry for the inevitable war of words I shall wage against those who doubt the righteousness of my causation.

But since it's a public forum that means it's also a good place for those who are curious about the game but want to know a bit more before committing to scope things out.

It might not be the only one, too. As I've heard plenty of rumors - and maybe even an offer or two - from folks looking to start their own fansites/forums since there's no dedicated board over at Kongregate and everyone's a bit afraid of the ban hammer dropping on people who violate the murky terms of whatever non-binding agreement we're under. Rather than pounding on the table until the staff there gives us what we want, the simplest solution is to start our own, right?

If I hear of any that are actually functioning, I'll be happy to pass them along as well. Maybe even a little more than that if there's anybody listening with an offer. But for now, Sirlin's the only game in town.

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