Saturday, April 12, 2008

Script Frenzy: Update the Fourth

These updates are getting fewer and further between. And, I'll admit, that's a sign that I've been slacking off. Just haven't gotten much done this week and I'm well behind my pace. Granted, my pace has been a blazing nearly 10 pages a day (Which, as the daily affirmation points out, is 10% of the month's total.) I'm still sitting rather pretty. But my personally set goal has been to finish off a storyarc a week, an issue every 2~3 days, and I'm not close, at the moment. Been more interested in other things, other projects, and just haven't been able to sit down and really concentrate on it. Until today.

My problem has been issue #4 which has just been driving me nuts. It's the start of the next arc and the point where the story needs to mushrooms out to reveal the wider world - one that I think is pretty interesting in its own right. But I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how best to do that. and, until I do, it makes the rest of that storyarc rather hard to write. Throw in a femme fatale - the first real supervillain to grace the main story's pages (I've thrown a few into the back-ups but those are more joke and metareferential - the idea being that they serve as a thematic companion to the main story, commenting on it, informing it without actually coming right out and saying so. The villain I'm dealing with in this arc is supposed to be a real menace, built up over a few issue leading to a fateful confrontation.) - I'm unable to write as very feminine nor very fatal at present and it's becoming a mess.

Still, the week is young, and now that the day's hockey is done and I have a bit of a break from some other things, I'm about to head into my dungeon and I'm not going to come back out until I have issues #4~6 done. Madness? Yes. But that's exactly why I do it.

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