Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guild Wars: April Fools?

Yep, it's that time again. This year's trick is not as awesome as last year's gender-bending statement on the role of sexuality and identity in video gaming, of course. Not even worth my time to bother logging in, if you ask me (Maybe when they have the 3rd birthday presents out. Actually, my Factions characters should already have gotten their seconds. But, eh, it's not like I'm goint to waste the time trying to figure out how to sell them, anyway.).

But, what might be is an even subtler move to throw a party for Gaile Gray, longtime community relations manage, who'll be leaving the company soon. It'll either be real in which case you can sit around districts playing boardwalk games or simon says under Party Time for fun and prizes and a faster track to a title. Or, given the time this was announced, it's someone working the long con.

On the off chance that this is real, let me just say that I've had my disagreements with Gaile over the years. As has pretty much everyone in the competitive scene at one time or another. But there's no denying the lady is damned good as what she does. No one's worked harder or more diligently over the past few years to keep the game healthy and its players happy. And it's hard to imagine a CR who could have done better at such a thankless job. Gaile was one of the first people hired by a fledgling ANET and there's a reason for that. If she really is going, it'll be a shame but I'd still wish her well whereever (And whenever) she does move on.


Clamatius said...

I guess you missed this bit, or you'd have mentioned it.

Sausaletus Rex said...

Yeah, that went live some time after I stopped caring about Guild Wars for the day. I saw it this morning and thought about updating but, meh, I'm lazy.

Although, I suppose it's a sad commentary at the game that I took it seriously up until about Shadow Form.

Now, if they actually put those changes in the game for a few hours, that'd be something. Sure, it'd make everything crazy but it'd be fun. For a little while.

Oh, and sorry to hear about your dog, Clammy. I know it's small comfort that won't help to take the pain away but I've been there at it sucks.