Friday, April 25, 2008

NFL Blogging: On Tap!

On tap? Because it's the draft? Like beer? Yeah, well, I've got nothing.

Yes, well, it's that special day of the year when every team can feel like a winner. Except the Lions who, let's face it, continue to plumb new depths of futility. Pushing back the boundaries of failure for generations to come. It's really on draft day, when you look over the team's history of recent picks, that it slams home just how far off the mark they've been.

Their modest win total last year even means they don't get a pick in the top ten this year, too. That's probably a good thing since I'm sure they'd only wind up taking another wide receiver. Who'll be out of the league in three years.


Yeah, Draft Day for a Lion's Fan is sort of like going to the all you can eat buffet when you're on a diet. It's just a cruel glimpse at all the nice things we'll never have.

Still, at least the #1 pick will be a Wolverine. And some others who've worn the block M are expected to go early as well.

I can also live vicariously through another player. Jason Jones, out of Eastern. He's predicted to go late the first day or early the second, as far as I can tell. And I'm going to take a special interest in him because he's actually the son of someone who works with my mother. She's been asking me for months now about what's going to happen this weekend - in the way that only someone who has absolutely no interest in sports whatsoever can. And, you know, by now I'm pretty invested in a guy I've never met.

Pretty much sums up the draft, really.

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