Thursday, April 10, 2008

Script Frenzy: Update the Third

How is the state of my sanity after a solid week of Frenzying? Things are wonderfully, cheerfully mad but I think, overall, I'm doing rather well.

I finished off my script up to issue #3 the other night. It's done, locked up, put away, and I won't be troubled with it anymore. Polishing things off took longer than I thought but I'm glad I did. Learned a lot about in the process and I'll think I'll be stronger going forward.

I wanted to make sure things were done right through #3 because those are the issues of my first storyarc. The one that, I felt, going in would be most problematic to write since it's the introductory arc that sets up a lot of things that follow. I can't say it went perfectly - I've already got a dangling plot thread that I'll need to weave in somewhere down the line - but, hey, that's why it's a first draft. Now, though, the story should be hitting on all cylinders. With most of the characters established (There are one or two more important ones to bring onto the stage but we'll get to them in time.) and the momentum I've built up carrying me along through the next few arcs until I reach a crescendo by the 18th issue.

Unfortunately, I've rather fallen off my pace and probably won't get through all 18 issues by the end of the month. Especially since my time constraints are getting ever tighter as my classes wind down and various projects come due and exams get scheduled.
At the moment, I'm shooting for keeping up the pace I've kept so far: an arc a week. They're mostly broken up into 3 issues chunks and that would leave me with 12 issues or a year's worth of comics by the end of the month. I can live with that, especially since issue #12 is another good stopping point.

Now, I'm set to begin the next storyline which features the main hero squaring off against his first major villain (Sort of.). Which leads into the next arc where he takes on an old foe from his past. Then the next where he tackles someone well out of his league. And into the final one where he takes down his first evil mastermind. One of the nice things about setting up my own world and starting from scratch is that I can ratchet up the stakes like that. My problem, at the moment, though, is that my planned outline for #4 is a bit light on the running time, so to speak. I'll need to pad it out a bit but that's why I've been leaving threads laying all over the place in the first few issues.

I'm also going to look at what I've got already to see if I can't find an excerpt or two to share or at least put up on the rather threadbare profile. My conern is that anything I'd pick out would be so wrapped up in everything else going on around it as to be ill-suited to standing on its own. That it would require too much explanation, too much establishing. As much as I enjoy that sort of thing, it really doesn't speak well for my writings, after all.

Anyhow, I'm still charging hard - really tiring - and it's likely that the posting around here is going to continue to be spotty for the foreseeable future. At this point, I've burnt through most of the backlog I built up before the month began and I'm about to get super-busy. Writing an easily compartmentalized story makes it easy to reach my goals, true, but it also means that there's always something else I can work on, some other finish line to cross, instead of, say, blogging.

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