Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kongai: Interview with the Master Planner

All praise and due honor to gamer great David Sirlin who has an interview over at Wired where he touches on Kongai ever so briefly. Nothing there that's really news to anyone who's in the test - although confirmation that there'll be a faster way of unlocking cards than once per week is nice to hear.

You can also see some pictures of the game and the fine artwork (Which I've finally recognized as coming from Udon. They're the art studio that also cranks out the Street Fighter comic books. How apt.). Still pictures don't really give you the whole story since, while the static artwork is great and the game's graphic design is well-done (I've a few minor quibbles about how certain information is presented but, overall it's clear and crisp.), the animations leave a bit to be desired at times. As I've said there's an explicit ban on we testers flooding the internets with pics and vids so I can't be passing any along myself. Not that it's entirely ironclad and if you were to search certain sites. you'd more than likely find some examples.

I will say, though, that Sirlin gets it exactly right about those intercepts. There's something wholesomely fist-pumping about landing one with that satisfying crunch. And there's nothing quite like the wry pleasure wrung from watching your opponent whiff on one while you've punched their ticket for the pain train.


Bruce said...

Sirlin, Master Planner. Also known as "Sirlin, the Creator", and "Sirlin, the Overseer".

Other Kongai personalities include:

* Achren, Claimer of Bruce's 13 win streak
* Mario, Daigo in Training
* Bruce, the Prolific
* Jacen, the Sirlin

Kongai chat is good fun. ;)

- Bruce

PS. Your write up crucifies mine: ... but to be fair, I was crazy tired.

Sausaletus Rex said...

It's even worse when you consider that I wrote that in, like, 5 minutes while waiting for my Frenzy to recycle in a desperate attempt to throw up some content here. But, then, there's a reason why I'm positively built to do well in those sort of events...