Friday, April 11, 2008

Kongai: Card List

The list is now retired as I no longer have the time or energy to keep it updated. If you would still like to browse through the game's characters and skills, they can be found at the Kongai wiki.


Anonymous said...

The black-ish group are vampires, not necros (notice how in multiplayer games, their symbol is a vampire fang)

Sausaletus Rex said...

Card Group...Although these are not necessarily the official versions I call them Ninjas for Purple, Villagers for muddy Brown, Amazons for bright Green, and Necros for dark Black.

Yeah, I know they're called the Vampires. In my head, though, they're the Necros since that makes them much less likely to get confused with the also-starting-with-V Villagers. And good luck getting me to change my ways now.

Sausaletus Rex said...

Anchor/links added.

Anonymous said...

You changed the damage in the parentheses of the poison and burn attacks but not the items. Poison Vial does 1 for 10 turns (11) and Tiger Claws does 5 for 2 turns (15).

Currently, if you kill someone that is not in play while wielding the Gem of Souls, you get the innate ability of the character in play, not the one you killed.

Perhaps add a note that (currently) any items or abilities that change the nature of your characters attack (all to dark with the Mask for example) it only changes what resistance the attack applies to. This matters when dealing with Leafy Trap (Your light buffed Sword Slash will still set it off.)

Sausaletus Rex said...

Anon's helpful remarks

Nice catch, completely missed Deadly Poison and Kitty Claws the last go around - the items always get the shortshrift. I've been meaning to go through all the items and make sure they were correct but I just hadn't bothered yet. I've done so now and updated the list - including such highlights as correcting my previously erroneous assumptions about Death Mask among others.

I've also added a list of common modifiers that work their way into skill and card descriptions for helpful reference. I'm not entirely happy with the formating but one of the problems with this list is that, now, any small change threatens to break the coding entirely (For instance, I have to be very careful not to preview it in Blogger's text editor or else all the "#whatever" links default to the editing page instead of the actual one. I think I figured out a workaround that doesn't involve hunting through line after line of html but if you spot any that lead somewhere wrong, let me know so I can fix them.) so I'm going to leave it alone for now.

Also, I think for the next update, I'd like to include more errata like the information about Leafy Trap. I don't want to get into too much detail but the blazingly obvious things you'd care about that the game somehow manages to forget to mention would be nice to include. If anyone has any to include, feel free to let me know, somehow, especially if you have confirmation of any oddities. Leave a comment, send me an e-mail, whisper me at Kongregate, whatever I can't promise I'll jump right to it but it'll work its way into thing eventually. Thanks in advance. And thanks again, anonymous commenter.

Sausaletus Rex said...

List updated to be compliant with the v1.7 patch.

thegersh said...

Great job on the update!

Sausaletus Rex said...


Bruce Achterberg said...

Saus, I think the top part of your card list (where you have all the links) would be more intuitive if the card boarder colours were listed in text, but in their repective colour, not black.

Or perhaps have some symbol, or icon, or something. But I'd just go with colouring the text. (Yes, doing it will suck hard, but it makes for a 1337er list.)

Why do this? Because people process text more easily than they process colour.

I think the alphabetical listing is great, but with coloured boarder description text, it may be better.

I suggest testing it--see what it looks like.

The essential concept you want to include is "easily scannable." Colour is just one way to do it.

Ultimately you want some nice sorting system, but that's pretty hard to do.

- Bruce

Bruce Achterberg said...

"Figure out a way to graphically display different skill types and ranges. At the moment, I'm thinking I'd like to add the appropriate color to the types but I'm not sure what to do for Far/Close/Both yet."

For ranges, perhaps you could use a little graphic showing the far and close icons (since that's what they use in game), but just so people know what the heck that means, you could have the text "far", "close", and "pass" above each respective image.

Bruce said...

This is just one idea you could use to improve the scannability of the card list, but you might consider displaying things like this:

Juju, the Shaman

Villager (Brown)

* Health:

* Energy:
0/4/5 (energy)

* Innate:
Juju has a 30% chance each turn to cure a debuff on himself.

* Hex.

30en, 4spd, 8x5dmg(40), Dark. 100hit.
Dark forces from the void rapidly strike the enemy.


* Staff Strike.

20en, 3spd, 18dmg, Phys. 95hit.
A deft blow.


* Healing Touch.

40en, 4spd, Light. 100proc.
Heals you for +25HP.


* Touch of Doom.

80en, 4spd, Dark. 99hit, 100proc. Counts down for 4 turns, then deals 99 damage (Dark).


Bruce Achterberg said...

...the above comment is just on idea, though. I understand displaying it like that spreads it out. That idea is more of an example, I guess.

What I'm trying to say is that it'd be nice if you could easily scan through a card listing without having to process all of the data.

Edit: Ok, so you can actually see what I envision, I went ahead and created my vision as best as I could with the tools available. Check it out:

Saus', feel free to use that... errr... theme I created. I'm all for helping to improve your card list.

- Bruce

Sausaletus Rex said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Bruce. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier but, you know, it's been a hectic few weeks.

Also, I am very, very lazy.

But I definitely appreciate the effort.

Anyhow, I agree that it could be done better and, indeed, I'm probably going to break down and add some icons in the next version or two. I'd especially like to get skill types. Not so much the ranges since I don't like the way those look so much. But a visual way to scan the information would be nice to have. For the card groups, it wouldn't be hard to color in the text - it's just a little bit of work copying and pasting, really, although I'd drive myself nuts trying to double check. I haven't, though, because, I don't want the list turning into a rainbow colored nightmare and, also, I haven't been able to accurately recreate the exact colors of the card borders in hex just yet. Until I can, I'm just taking a bad guess that's going to bother me every time I have to look at it so the less times it appears in the list, the better.

My overall design goal (And, yes, while it might not look like it, I actually have given some through about how the list should and could look. It's, you know, what I do.) is simplicity. I want people to be able to scan over a lot of text quickly. That means that I want to be able to fit all the information for one character on a single screen. No scrolling, no flipping around, it's all right there for someone to browse through. Your proposed format is just too spread out. It helps each bit of information stand out but I prefer a more condensed way to get the overall impression across and to help with comparisons. Index form, with the relevant text set out close togehter in clearly established forms is the best way I know to go about that. Your way there's just too much gutter, vast tracts of negative space, and it's distracting.

Really, I'm happy with the way it reads as is and aside from a few graphical touches, I'm not likely to touch it much.

If I had the time, the energy, or the programming expertise, though, I agree that I could make things much better. Fully sortable. Drop down menus to filter for any number of things. Little applications so you could see your expected and average damage. Ready calculations for the results against specified targets (Want to find out how much you'll really do per swing with Ashi against Andromeda? Just flip those toggles right and you can!). Even those little preview windows that hover over links, so people wouldn't even have to bother coming to this site, they could just read the data right there. Chat bots. The works.

As it is, though, I barely know how to make the HTML work and I'll settle for struggling over issues like whether to follow the game's text or the game's results when setting down things like DOTs. But anybody out there interested in doing some cheap (ie free) programming work in the interests of making this thing better, feel free to contact me. I might not know how to do what I want but I sure know how to describe it to you and let you get to it...

Anonymous said...

Constantine's "Blood Burn" Attack doesn't cause burning over time for 2. It reduces damage caused by the target by 2 for all attacks.

Anonymous said...


Sausaletus Rex said...

Constantine's "Blood Burn" Attack doesn't cause burning over time for 2. It reduces damage caused by the target by 2 for all attacks.

Not anymore it doesn't. But it did in v1.7, the last big patch in the beta. The list hasn't been updated since then because, well, I'm lazy.


See above.


No, I rather think it's not imperative that I do.

And, actually, I've decided to retire this list in favor of directing people towards the wiki. I'll hopefully be contributing there once I fix my latest connectivity woes, I've already got a few ideas on how to make things better and easier to use.

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