Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kongai: Early Release

Game just came out. Head over to the main site and check it out.

Reinforced Breastplate isn't such a good card (Although one that leads to a million and one entedres. And worth it alone for all the jokes you can make about it and various female characters need for, ahem, ample support.), armor is overvalued in general, but if you hurry up and start playing now, today, you can snag it for yourself and be that much further along in setting up a deck.

Well, I'll likely be posting some more meaty stuff soon enough. Tips and tricks and analysis that I've gleaned from my short time with the game. Probably should start with the three cards you should pick for your starters. For now, it's time to get back to feeding newbs through the thresher while they still fill the pool like pond scum. Don't feel bad, it's the only way they'll learn.


Sausaletus Rex said...

Yah, April Fool's.

Ellington said...

I actually have a hard time vs high phys def, a lot. It shuts down Rumikos shuriken barrage. I know I'm in the minority for having such problems with high phys def, but it can cause problems, sometimes. Anyway, breastplates not that bad, considering. It is a green-only though, which is sort of limiting.

Sausaletus Rex said...

Well, keep in mind the above was written in about five minutes so I could get in on the joke. It's not meant to be taken seriously, just to lure people to their unsuspecting Rick-Rolling.

That said, you're right, the Breastplate isn't completely awful. It's very useful against Rumiko, put a big crimp in Onimaru, too, but not many more characters than that since they're either doing more than enough damage to not care about losing 4 of it or, like Higashi, that damage is just gravy on top of what you really care about anyway.

I feel that I'd take two or three other Amazon items (depending on the character) before I considered that one and that's with the general items out of the picture. The Candle, Charm, and the Stone improve your characters much more since the Amazons already have several characters with good physical defenses. And that means that the Breastplate is strictly middle of the pack stuff and not really a "must-have". For me, anyway.